Recital Preparation

Here’s the problem: every student is different.

When preparing students for recitals, the challenge is to set them up so that they reach their “peak” at the performance. If they don’t have enough time to prepare properly, then the final week before the recital is likely to be stressful and unenjoyable (as well as the . . . → Read More: Recital Preparation

The Edward Ballade

In 1773, the German thinker and theologian Johann Gottfried Herder compiled and published a collection of folk songs under the title “Stimmen der Völker in ihren Liedern” (Voices of the People in their Songs). At a time when democracy was still a rather novel concept, Herder felt there was value in the thoughts and feelings . . . → Read More: The Edward Ballade

Monkeys in the Tree

This week, I thought I’d share one of my favorite pieces, “Monkeys in the Tree” by Boris Berlin. It’s found in Celebration Series Repertoire Book 4, and it’s always a big hit for audiences and performers alike.

Repertoire selection is one of the keys to good teaching, but it’s very difficult to say exactly what . . . → Read More: Monkeys in the Tree