Teaching Materials

Jazz Worksheets - A set of worksheets I created to help students learn basic jazz skills.

Flash Cards – A set of flash cards for teaching the notes of the grand staff.  These can be printed on postcard stock (4 cards per sheet.)

Scale Fingerings – This is a quick overview of how I present scale fingerings.  I change little things here and there depending on the student, but this how I have it organized in my head.

Scale Practice Guide – Here’s a quick guide on practicing scales at the late intermediate and advanced level.  Written with advanced students and self-taught adults in mind, teachers may also find some useful suggestions for their students.

Adjectives – Here’s a list of adjectives I use for all kinds of things – coming up with ideas in my own practicing, helping communicate different sounds and feelings to students, and writing comments in judging festivals and auditions.

Rhythm Cards – Similar to the flash cards above, but for rhythms!  A nice, clean, plain, free set of flash cards you can print on perforated postcard stock.

Assignment Sheet – A very simple, flexible assignment sheet that I use for students in the Piano Adventures method series.

Interval, Schminterval! – It’s a workbook about naming intervals.  I tried to make it funny.  Good for high school and college students who have trouble with the Major/minor thing.